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To stay informed about City news, use E-Subscribe. This free subscription service sends email and, for some topics, wireless notifications when updates to our most popular Web pages are posted. You will no longer have to check our website to know if new information is available about the topics that are important to you or if the latest Council minutes have been posted. E-Subscribe will automatically notify you.

To subscribe, you will need an email address. It will only be used to deliver requested information, to give you access to your subscription profile or to inform you in case of an emergency.

Please check your subscription profile periodically to view new items on the subscription list.

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E-Subscribe privacy policy

For answers about E-Subscribe's data privacy and security, go to the GovDelivery® Digital Subscription Management page.

If you have questions or problems

This service is managed for the City of Bloomington by GovDelivery. If you have trouble receiving subscription alerts or unsubscribing to lists, contact support@govdelivery.com.

If you have questions or comments about the information contained in the messages or on the City's website or if you have complaints about the support services you've received from GovDelivery, contact:

Janine Hill, Communications Administrator
PH: 952-563-8819; TTY: 952-563-8740, FAX: 952-563-8715
Email: jhill@BloomingtonMN.gov


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