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In addition to continuous police and fire protection, you receive 24/7 service from every department when you log onto CityWEB. This index is a partial listing of information and downloads available. The symbol external linkmeans you are leaving the City of Bloomington's Web site.

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A All day, every day

Absentee ballot

Accessory buildings

ADA resources


external linkAirport noise complaint

external linkAmbulance (Allina)

Animal license

Animal shelter


Aquatic Center

Arts and culture


Ask the City


Attorney, City

Automobile registration

B Best service

BCAT - Bloomington Community Access Television

Beach (Bush Lake)


external linkBetter Business Bureau

BHRA - Bloomington Housing and Redevelopment Authority

Bids and Proposals

BIG - Bloomington Ice Garden

Blood pressure screening

Bloomington Briefing - newsletter

Bloomington City Information Television

Bloomington Community Access Television

Bloomington community gardens

Bloomington Family Aquatics Center

Bloomington Farmers Market

Bloomington Housing and Redevelopment Authority

Bloomington Ice Garden

Bloomington Port Authority

external linkBloomington School Board

Bloomington Web portals

Bonds - landscaping and erosion control


Budget - City

Building and Inspection

Building permit data - residential

Business and development

Business licenses (general, liquor, beer, wine, restaurants, taxis)

C Courteous staff

Cable - Bloomington City Information Television

Cable - Bloomington Community Access Television

external linkCable - Comcast Service

Cable television franchise

Calendar of events

Carbon monoxide

Cat licenses

Cellular ordinances

Cemetery, City

Census information

external linkCenter of Disease Control

external linkCenturyLink (telephone service)

Charcoal and propane grills

City calendar

City cemetery

City Clerk

City Code

City contact information

City Council

City employment

City Manager

Claims against the City

City-Wide Curbside Clean-up

Clinics - Public Health Division

Communications Division

Community Development

Community gardens

Community links

Community profile


Comprehensive Plan 2008

Construction projects

Contact the City

Corporate Report to the Community


Council meeting schedule

Creekside Community Center

Creekside diner - menu

Crime map

Crime safety tips

Crime statistics

Curbside Clean-up (City-Wide)

D Dedicated to quality

Data Practices Act


Deer control


Department of Natural Resources

Development application

Development Map

Directory of City services

Disaster credit

Dog licenses

Driver and vehicle licenses


Dwan Golf Club

E Eager to help

Economic development


Election judges

Election results

Elections, Voter registration

Emergency escape plan

external linkEmergency transportation services (Allina)

Employment with City of Bloomington (Jobs online)

Employment - Other

Engineering Division

Environment and sustainability

Environmental Health Division

Environmental review documents


Equipment Maintenance

Events calendar

External links

F Friendly faces

Family Aquatic Center- Valley View Playfield pool

Farmers Market

Federal government

Fence Standards

File a claim against the City

Finance Department

Fires - recreational, ceremonial, campfires

Fire Department

Fire Marshal

Fire Prevention

Fire stations

Food Safety Program

Food program - Creekside Diner

Food resources

Foreclosure resources



Franchise - Cable Television

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Funding - Human Services request for proposals

G Good place to come to

Garages for single-family homes

Garbage - recycling, haulers, pick up days, etc.

Garden plots - Bloomington's community gardens

external linkGas leaks

Goose control

Golf courses – Dwan

Golf courses – Hyland Greens Golf and Learning Center

Gopher State One-Call

Government Web sites

external link Governor of Minnesota

Grants - funding

external link Greater Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce

H Home town feeling in the heart of a city

Handouts - Community Development

external linkHazardous waste drop-off centers


Health - other sites

Hearing clinic

external linkHennepin County

external linkHennepin County Commissioners

external linkHennepin County Community Health Department

external linkHennepin County Medical Center (HCMC)

external linkHennepin County Records - Birth, Death, Marriage

external linkHennepin County Sheriff

History of Bloomington

Holiday safety tips

Home health care

Home occupations

Homestead credit

external linkHome telephone service (CenturyLink)

Homeland Security external link

Homestead Information

Housing and Redevelopment Authority

external linkHousing & Urban Development (HUD)

Human Resources (General Information)

Human Rights Commission

Human Services Division

external linkHunting and fishing licenses

Hyland Greens Golf and Learning Center

I Industrious workers

I-494 Transit/TDM Study

I-494 Reconstruction

Ice garden

Imagine Bloomington 2025


external linkImmigration and Naturalization Services (INS)

Information and referral

Information handouts

Inspections: Food

Inspections: Housing Condition Complaints

Inspections: Rental units

Inspections: Time-of-Sale

Interactive maps

external linkInternal Revenue Service (IRS Federal Tax Help)

J Just plain cool

Job opportunities with the City

K Knowledgeable employees

Kids' safety

L Lots of energy

Laboratory - Water Treatment Plant

Land Use Guide Plan designations

Landscape ordinance

external link League of Women Voters

Legal Department

Library - Oxboro

Library - Penn Lake

Library - Southdale-Hennepin Area Library


Licenses – pets

Licenses – rental units

Licensed taxicab companies


M Motivated to serve

Maintenance Division

external link Mall of America

Maps - Census

Maps - Interactive GIS

Maximum building height

Mayor's Office (Gene Winstead)

Memorial Blood Centers

Metro area

external link Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC)

external linkMetropolitan Council

external linkMetropolitan Council Data Center (Census Information)

external linkMetropolitan Mosquito Control District

external linkMetropolitan Sports Facilities Commission

external linkMetroTransit Automated Bus Schedule Information Line

external linkMinneapolis Institute of Arts

external linkMinnesota Department of Commerce

external linkMinnesota Department of Health (Center for Health Statistics)

external linkMinnesota Department of Transportation (DOT)

external linkMinnesota Highway Road Conditions

Minnesota Police & Peace Officers Association (MPPOA)

external linkMinnesota Public Utilities Commission

external linkMinnesota State Fair

external linkMinnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge

external linkMinnesota Zoo

external linkMN Department of Revenue (Income Tax Helpline)

external linkMN Department of Revenue (Sales Tax Helpline)

Motor vehicle registration

N Non-stop service

Nearby cities

Neighborhood Watch

New residents

Newsletter - Bloomington Briefing

external linkNormandale Community College

Normandale Lake District Plan

Nutrition Services

O Opportunities to grow

external link Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

Off-leash recreation area

Older adults

Omar Bonderud Human Rights Award

Online E-Tools

Operation identification

Organizational chart

P Potential

Park facilities

Park Maintenance

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation - Other sites

Passport applications

Penn American District

external linkPERA - public employee retirement account

Permit applications

Pets and wildlife

Pet licenses

Phone directory

Planning Commission

Planning Division


Police Department

Policy statements

Polling places

Pool - Family Aquatic Center

Pools and spas

Port Authority

Prairie grasses

Profile of the community

Property information (City of Bloomington)

Property Information (Hennepin County) (Real Estate Taxes)

Property taxes

external link Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA)

Public Health

Public Works

Q Quality services affordably priced

QR codes

Questions and answers

R Ready to go

Recreational vehicles (RVs)


Rental Housing problems and services

Rental Property Program

external linkReporting gas and electric emergencies (Xcel Energy Customer Services)

Residential Nuisance Program

Requests for Bids and Proposals



Room rentals

S Safe community

external link Schools, Bloomington Public (ISD #271)

Seasonal jobs

Section 8 Housing

external link Senator Amy Klobuchar

Senior citizen program and services


Sheds - for single-family homes

Sidewalks - maintenance

Signage requirements

Sign regulations (see City Code, Chapter 19, Article X)


Smoke detectors

Snow removal

Social Security

Solid Waste Division

South Loop District Plan

Special event food stands

external linkStarTribune Newspaper (Minneapolis)

State government

external link State of Minnesota Contractor Complaints/Referrals

external link State of Minnesota Contractor License Status

external link State of Minnesota Health Department

State of the City


Storm damage


Stormwater permit

Strategic Planning

Street light malfunction

Street Maintenance

Street projects - current

Street sweeping


Sustainability and the environment

T Tree City USA

Target Center

Taxes - property

Taxi (taxicab) companies licensed in Bloomington

external linkTelephone service (CenturyLink)

Temporary and seasonal jobs

Tent/canopy requirements




Traffic and Transportation Division

Traffic Management

Transportation service

Transportation demand management

Transportation policies

Transportation - Other sites


Tri-City Laboratory - water testing

U Uniformly hard-working

external link United States Bankruptcy Court District of Minnesota

external link University of Minnesota

Utilities - water and sewer

Utilities Element - Comprehensive Plan

Utility Billing

V Valued expertise

Valley View Playfield pool - Family Aquatic Center


external link Violations Bureau (Traffic Ticket Violations)

external link Visitors Bureau

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteering - Other sites


W Web enabled

Wastewater and sewer

Water - drinkable

Water billing

Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant - Lab

Water Testing

Water Quality Report

Water resources

external linkWeather


West Nile Mosquito Virus


WIC - Women, Infants and Children

William Lloyd/Tri-City Laboratory - water testing

external linkWings Financial Credit Union

external linkWinter driving

Wireless ordinance provisions

XYZ Good to the last letters in the alphabet

Youth resources - other sites

Zoning information

Zoning map

Zoning ordinance update project


Quality Services - Affordable Price