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The City of Bloomington does not have water restrictions in place now and we don't anticipate any in the future. Follow this link for ways you can help conserve water.

Utilities employs more than 50 people to run the water treatment plant, do field maintenance, serve customers and administer the area. Working in the background all day and every day, the division processes clear, clean water at the water treatment plant and distributes it to your tap. The same efficiency is used to manage the sanitary sewer collection system that processes your "used" wastewater.

The third water use component is storm water, the runoff from rains and snow. Managing storm water and safeguarding wetlands are functions of the Engineering Division.



For more information, contact:

Robert J. Cockriel, Utilities Superintendent
1700 W. 98th Street
PH: 952-563-8777, FAX: 952-563-8770
Email: rcockriel@BloomingtonMN.gov


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