Patrol Operations

Providing unique, specialized services

Officer and K9 exercise.
Members of the K-9 Unit work out.

The Bloomington Police Department has a number of specialized units providing a wide variety of services to the community. The division is headed by Commander Kevin Herman.

Canine (K-9) Unit

The Bloomington Police Department has five officers and their canine partners assigned to this specialized unit. The K-9s are assigned to Patrol Operations and handle all facets of regular patrol work, but are available for specialized work such as:

  • Burglary or robbery alarms.
  • All crimes in-progress calls.
  • Area and building searches.
  • Vehicle and narcotic searches.
  • Tracking and apprehension of fleeing suspects.
  • Searching for lost persons.

K-9 teams go through ongoing training to maintain and improve their specialized skills, whether it is a bomb or narcotics. Some of the dogs are cross-trained to specialize in more than one area.

Bloomington's K-9s are a unique blend of breeds. We have German Shepherds, a Malinois, a Dutch Shepherd and a Golden Labrador. When not at work, the K-9s live with their handlers and are a valued part of the family.

K-9 demonstrations and requests

Contact Sergeant Jim Ousley by telephone at 952-563-8615 or by email at

Community Service Officers Program

Instituted in 2000, the Community Service Officer (CSO) program has become an integral part of the department by freeing up officers’ time so they can better serve the community. Those hired for these part-time positions are seeking a career as law enforcement officers and are actively working on the licensing requirements. Duties include department vehicle needs, prisoner meal preparation and distribution, transporting evidence to county and state agencies, assisting at the animal shelter and miscellaneous duties as needed.

Mall of America Unit

The unit works to provide a safe and secure shopping experience for visitors to the Mall and develops a partnership with businesses to maintain a successful retail environment that benefits the community. The main focus is working with business owners on crime prevention by educating and training on ways to prevent theft and enhance communication. With more than 43 million visitors each year, the Mall is the largest retail and entertainment complex and the top tourist destination in the nation. The Mall Unit has established a creative partnership with businesses and Mall security that is beneficial to the city as well as to the Bloomington Police Department.

The storefront office is located on the second level of the Mall of America, near the east entrance, and is staffed during retail hours.

Special events

Special Events is staffed by one sergeant, who reports to the Commander of Special Operations. Duties include coordinating special events and contractual overtime, tracking city-county forfeitures from seizure to sale, supervising the Community Service Officers, Reserves and Chaplains, and coordinating jail activities.

Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit does more than write tickets. It is responsible for the investigation of hit-and-run accidents, fatal and serious personal injury accidents, and felony fleeing police and DWI arrests. The unit also receives driving complaints and determines areas for concentrated education and enforcement.

Along with the typical radar and laser speed detection devices, the unit utilizes speed trailers and a MetroCount data collection unit. MetroCount analyzes traffic data and determines when violations occur most often to maximize the enforcement effort.

Officers have specialty assignments within the unit: Two Traffic Crash Reconstructionists, two Motor Officers who drive the department's two motorcycles, Crash Investigators and a Commercial Vehicle Inspector who enforces state and federal motor vehicle carrier laws.

For more information, contact:

Bloomington Police Department
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