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This wonderful festival is a chance to experience living history at the Pond-Dakota Mission Park in Bloomington, Minnesota. Its goal is to demonstrate the lifestyles of people living in Minnesota between 1830 and 1870 through storytelling and interactive, hands-on demonstration! This event provides a unique opportunity to experience life as the Native Americans, Fur Traders, and Settlers living along the Minnesota River Valley did in the 1800s.

Volunteers are needed to help from 8:30 - 11 a.m. during River Rendezvous School Days, September 22 - 26, 2014, at Pond-Dakota Mission Park, 401 East 104th Street.

Volunteers greet students and teachers, help with brief orientation, and direct morning foot traffic. Volunteers will receive a ticket to return Thursday evening and attend River Rendezvous on public day.

Volunteers, working to make River Rendezvous possible.

To apply to volunteer


For more information or to sign up as a volunteer, contact:
Mark Morrison, Parks and Recreation
PH: 952-563-8693, TTY: 952-563-8740, FAX: 952-563-8715


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