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Watch enactors use the technology of a bygone era – a time before power drills, Xboxes and microwaved entrees – when clothing was simply constructed and transportation ate grass.


Wally Hunter teaches authentic blacksmithing techniques.

chair building
John Beltman gives a lesson on how to make furniture.

maple sugar
Chris Scanlon appeals to everyone's sweet tooth by showing how real maple sugar and maple syrup are made.

cranking corn
Grinding corn is one of the activities that students can participate in at River Rendezvous.

Gerry with guest
Gerry Barker talks with a parent while on his trusty horse, D.J.

Fun and games go hand-in-hand with learning every year at River Rendezvous.

Pierrs showing a fur
Pierre Uebe shows off an animal fur. All of our re-enactors make sure to include all children in each presentation. Bloomington Parks and Recreation actively supports the inclusion of all students in our programs. If you have any questions or concerns please call Greg Boatman at 952-563-8899.

with gun
Native American stations are always a favorite of the school groups that visit River Rendezvous.


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