Parks within Bloomington

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The residents and visitors to Bloomington are surrounded by nature. One third of our city -- over eight thousand acres -- is designated parks and open space.

Park type

Parks are classified by acreage, the area they service and their features. At one end are the small playlots with limited features that are used by neighborhood residents -- these parks are usually within walking distance of your home. The large parks in Bloomington have natural beauty that covers hundreds of acres -- these regional parks have many facilities and activities that can be used by large segments of the metropolitan population.

Playlot symbolPlaylots and neighborhood playgrounds
Playlots are for children up to ten years old and include play apparatus and turf areas. Playgrounds meet the needs of 5 to 17 year olds and include play apparatus and areas for field games, court games and skating. The size is from one to 20 acres.

Community park symbolCommunity parks and playfields
Community parks are used by all ages and usually include areas for walking, bicycling, viewing, sitting and picnicking, as well as athletic fields and areas for court games and skating. Natural features and good transportation access are important to playfields. Both areas are from 20 to 50 acres.

Large urban park symbolLarge urban parks
Nature-oriented outdoor recreation such as picnicking, boating, walking and skiing is the focus of these parks. Servicing large areas, these parks are over 100 acres.

Regional park symbolRegional parks, corridor parks and conservation areas
Regional parks are continuous or groups of open spaces offering facilities/activities determined by natural assets. Conservation areas protect the natural environment rather than satisfying demand for recreation opportunities or scenic quality. Regional parks and conservation areas are over 250 acres. Corridor parks are linear resources that link recreation systems. They are developed for recreational travel and need to be wide enough to provide use and protection for wildlife.

Special park symbolSpecial park areas
Historic parks, arts facilities, indoor ice arena and golf courses are in this group.

School park symbolSchool recreation areas
School/private recreation facilities located at educational facilities.

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