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What's happening in South Loop?

Bloomington's South Loop District is a distinctive urban center where people build their lives around work and community. Learn more:

South Loop District Plan

Image of South Loop area
Intersection of American Boulevard East and 34th Avenue, Bloomington, MN

South Loop overview

In August 2013, the Bloomington City Council adopted a District Plan for the South Loop area extending from I-494 on the north, TH 77 on the west, to the Minnesota River on the south and east. The plan will guide future land use, transportation, urban design and redevelopment of this important commercial and employment center. One objective of the district plan is to establish a distinct mixed-use district that takes advantage of South Loop 's unique location adjacent to the 12th-busiest airport in the United States and a National Wildlife Refuge.

Four overarching goals provide a framework for achieving the District's vision. These include:

  1. Build on the District's unique mix of assets.
    • LRT and bus transit
    • Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport
    • Regional highways
    • National Wildlife Refuge
    • Mall of America
    • Bloomington Central Station
  2. Transform the District's densities and character from suburban to urban.
  3. Accelerate the District's development.
  4. Establish and promote the District as a branded place emphasizing sustainability, quality, safety, and comfort.

Videos on YouTube

  • South Loop promotional video
    This short video describes the unique assets and future possibilities of the South Loop District.
  • Bloomington Central Station 3-D video
    This shows an animated flyover video of the Bloomington Central Station project.
  • Sustainability Tour
    This video provides concrete examples of how developers, businesses and residents can embrace sustainability using renewable materials, alternative transportation and smart design.



For more information, contact:

Julie Farnham
City of Bloomington
PH: 952-563-8920, FAX: 952-563-8949


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