Vehicle violations

No. 1: Top 10 City Code violations



  • All vehicles must be parked on driveways or in garages. No vehicles may be parked on the lawn, even if in a fenced back yard. Adding parking areas onto your driveway with gravel, class five, or landscaping rock is not allowed. The only approved new driveway surfaces are asphalt, concrete, or pavers. All must be installed under a permit.
  • For more information, see City Code Section 19.45 (c)(4) - "Parking and Storage of Vehicles and Trailers in Residential Zones."

Abandoned vehicles

  • All vehicles outside must be currently licensed and operable. Vehicles without license plates or current tabs and vehicles on blocks or without key components may be posted for towing. These vehicles may not be parked in back yards, even if fenced. Store abandoned vehicles in a garage.
  • For more information, see City Code Section 8, Article II, Division A - "Storage of Abandoned and Inoperative Vehicles as Public Nuisances."

Too many vehicles

  • No more than four vehicles belonging to residents of a property may be parked or stored outside. It does not matter how many people live at a property or if the vehicles are parked on the street, four is the limit. This regulation excludes visitors.
  • For more information, see City Code Section 12.03 (29)(a) - "Property Conditions Constituting a Public Nuisance."


  • One small utility trailer may be stored outside on a property. Large trailers, taller than 6 feet or longer than 8 feet 6 inches, must be stored in a garage.
  • For more information, see City Code Section 19.45 (d) - "Certain Trailers Prohibited; Exceptions."

Recreational vehicles (RVs)

  • The City of Bloomington code regulates the size, number and location of recreational vehicles. For more information contact the Environmental Health Division.

Non-residential vehicles

  • Vehicles that are very large or non-residential such as bobcats, semis and dump trucks may not be parked or stored in residential areas. The only exceptions are if the vehicle is rendering a service (i.e. delivering a couch) or over lunch time (11:00-1:00). For a complete list of prohibited vehicles see the city code section below.
  • For more information, see City Code Section 19.45 (b and c) - "Definitions," "Vehicle Parking and Storage Limitations and Requirements."


For more information, contact:
Environmental Health
PH: 952-563-8934
Fax: 952-563-8949


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