City Council meetings

Meeting documents

... Starting June 23, 2014

Starting June 23, 2014, City Council meeting documents have been provided through the City's online agenda management system.

Visit our agenda management system to access:

  • Agendas – listing of items to be discussed at each meeting.
  • Webcasts – video access to most regular meetings. These meetings are streamed live during the meeting and uploaded as an archived video soon after the conclusion of the meeting. (Special meetings and study meetings are only audio recorded.)
  • Voting results (without any narrative) – posted soon after the meeting.
  • Minutes – the official record of each meeting, are posted after approved by Council, which can take several weeks.

... Before June 23, 2014

Links to the agendas, minutes and Webcasts of meetings from January 2012 through June 9, 2014 can be found on our online calendar.

For meeting documents from 2010 and earlier, visit our City Council meetings archive page.

Meeting types

  • Regular meetings are at 7 p.m. on the first and third Mondays of each month, in Bloomington Civic Plaza's Council Chambers. This schedule is adjusted to accommodate holidays. 
  • Study meetings may be held at 6 p.m. on an off-week Monday (the second, third, or fourth Monday of the month). These meetings are in the Haeg Conference on the second floor of Civic Plaza.
  • The Council also holds joint meetings with other organizational groups, special meetings and meetings on property taxes.

See the schedule in our agenda management system for more information about the scheule for each type of meeting.


For more information or archived minutes, contact:

City Council Secretary
PH: 952-563-8782, TTY: 952-563-8740


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